2021 Back to the Classics Challenge


Goal: 12

        1. A 19th century classic: any book first published from 1800 to 1899
        2. A 20th century classic: any book first published from 1900 to 1971. All books must have been published at least 50 years ago; the only exceptions are books which were written by 1971 and posthumously published.
        3. A classic by a woman author.
        4. A classic in translation, meaning any book first published in a language that is not your primary language. You may read it in translation or in its original language, if you prefer. 
        5. A classic by BIPOC author; that is, a non-white author.
        6. A classic by a new-to-you author, i.e., an author whose work you have never read.
        7. New-to-you classic by a favorite author — a new book by an author whose works you have already read. 
        8. A classic about an animal, or with an animal in the title. The animal can be real or metaphorical. (i.e., To Kill a Mockingbird).
        9. A children’s classic. 
        10. A humorous or satirical classic.
        11. A travel or adventure classic (fiction or non-fiction). It can be a travelogue or a classic in which the main character travels or has an adventure. 
        12. A classic play. Plays will only count in this category.