Deluxe Canvas Art Brush Roll Review #usartsupply

My daughter is a hobbyist painter and has a ton of paint brushes and other tools for painting. These items always need organizing. She has a little corner in her enclosed front porch that she uses for this purpose. I thought having a canvas brush roll organizer would help her to clear some of the clutter. The canvas roll will help keep her brushes lying flat so the bristles don’t get bent, or filled with dust.

Deluxe Canvas Brush Roll

This roll is well made. It’s especially strong which is perfect for the constant use artists will put it to. Paints, water, and the solvents that might be employed to clean the brushes will all eventually make their way onto this roll. I’m positive the canvas will hold up well to this. Not to mention how colorful it will become over time with all the splatters and splotches of paint that will surely build up on it.

The stitching is sturdy around the entire roll and around the pockets that are formed for the brushes to sit in. I didn’t notice any loose or hanging threads. The canvas feels like good quality canvas. I also think that this roll could be used to hold pens, pencils or markers if your artist so desires.

Overall, this is a practical item that every budding artist needs.

I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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