Five Things I Can’t Live Without

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Life is funny. Ten years ago, I would have laughed in your face if you had told me That I would become so attached to high-tech devices that 4 out of the 5 can’t live without products I can think of are high tech. Three of them are must haves! They go everywhere with me. The last two rarely go with me, but I still feel I can’t live without them.

5 things i can't live without

Kindle Fire & Bluetooth Earbuds

I know they are technically 2 items, but they have to go together. They are in a committed relationship so to speak, you can’t have one without the other. I listen to audio books and podcasts while I’m entering data at work, about 4 hours each day. I prefer these bluetooth earbuds as I need to be able to move as much as my work requires, and regular plug in earbuds somehow mysteriously get broken when I use them. I also read my kindle books while waiting, anywhere really, the Dr. office, the DMV, in the car while picking others up, or while on long road trips when I’m the passenger, when I’m eating alone, in the tub, and in the bed before I go to sleep at night. It’s a constant companion. If I have a wifi connection and don’t feel like reading, I use it like a mini tablet. I check email, surf the Internet, browse feedly, add to and rearrange my trello boards, and shop with it. Oh, and it’s also my alarm clock in the mornings and one of my pomodoro timers. I also play music and watch videos on it.

Daily Notebook/Journal

Right now it’s my Bujo and pen (I’m fond of the Staedtler triplus fineliner) – again, technically 2 items, but they go together like peanut butter and jelly. This is the only non-techy item on my list. It’s one of the first things that gets thrown into my bag when I’m heading out the door. If inspiration strikes, I jot a quick note in it. If I’m listening to a podcast or audio book and it triggers an idea or they say something I want to remember, I stop what I’m listening to and write it down. I keep my daily lists in it, I track my food and water intake in it. It’s like my brain exposed, and it’s usually just as messy!


I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S7 this year. It’s my pocket calendar, my quick email check and a peek at my Facebook on occasion. I use it to post to Instagram and to chat with friends in Messenger. I use the Asana app for my main to-do lists. I have my bank app and several store specific apps that give me access to money saving coupons. I use Google Now frequently to check the weather or to do a quick Google search. And of course it’s indispensable for phone calls and sending and receiving text messages.

Internet/wifi access

What can I say? All these high-tech must haves require some kind of wireless access. I love using free access points, which my wireless provider has scattered all over town, when I can, so I don’t waste my data on my phone. In a pinch, I can turn my phone into a wireless hotspot if we’re in need of access and don’t have any other choice. It seems everything I do these days requires me to be plugged into the net!


Toshiba Satellite running Windows 10.  And of course, now we come to the workhorse of my must haves. I do everything on my laptop: email, calendar, research, blogging, writing, project management, to do lists, social media, videos, music. Everything!

So there you have it, my decidedly high-tech,can’t-live-without list. I use each of these items multiple times throughout my day and would be truly lost without them.

What about you? What are your must haves and why? Are they mostly high-tech like mine?

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