Head Strong by Dave Asprey Review

I feel quite torn about this book. There is some really great information here, especially when it comes to the science of the brain. How it works and what fuels it. Especially the neural pathways and how our brains can and do change and grow, even into old age. Much of this book is filled with information that is available and pretty much common knowledge.

This feels like fluff or filling in order for the author to sell his products that are designed to target specific cells in our brains. Such as his claim that we can affect the mitochondria within our brains. I am no scientist, but I know that our mitochondria will use any food that we eat. There is no real way to target or isolate the mitochondria.

I quickly became irritated with this aspect of the book that I finally just read the 3 Head Points and 3 Head Start Points at the end of each chapter. These summarise what the chapter was about. Nearly half the book is dedicated to the two-week program that will supposedly activate untapped brain energy.

Again I felt this was just information that is freely available and common knowledge, such as eat the best foods for your body and move your body to keep your brain at top performance.

Some of the “facts” didn’t really ring true to me. I would be careful and do my due diligence and research some of the things put forward in the book, before taking on the two week program found at the end of this book.

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