#kovot Acrylic Serving Tray Product Review

Kovot Serving Tray

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I love the fall best in the Midwest. The weather begins to cool down a little, the wind blows some and the leaves begin to change colors. All of these conditions make for a nice time of year to spend outside on the patio, drinking coffee, reading or writing or just generally enjoying myself. The biggest issue I have is getting all the things I want with me out to the patio. You know the coffee cup, the snack, the book or notebook and pen,etc.

Kovot Serving Tray Review

That’s why I wanted this serving tray. I got a really pretty 3 piece bistro set earlier this year, and wanted a tray that would allow the brilliant blue to show through. It easily handled the items I want to have during my morning coffee quiet time, and I was able to get them all out there in one trip. This makes me happy!

The tray is very sturdy and well-made. I don’t see any defects in the acrylic at all. The handles on each end are extremely helpful. The large lip keeps items from sliding off the tray. And it fits on my table with room to spare. This tray is totally worth getting. If I had a big cushiony ottoman in my house, I would so use this tray on it!

If you are in need of a pretty, sturdy and very convenient serving tray, give this one a try.

I received this product free. All opinions are my own.

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