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I grew up in the sunshine state, and back when I was a kid, it wasn’t common practice to wear sunscreen when outdoors. As you can imagine, now that I’m in my late forties, I am seeing the results of not wearing it. I am fair skinned and as a kid I had freckles. Now those freckles seem to have migrated together and formed dark spots, or as some call them age spots on my face. Another issue I am now seeing due to all that sunlight, is fine lines. Some are laugh lines and some are squint lines as I didn’t always wear sunglasses either.

Lets Face It Moisturizer Review

Of course, I never even thought about taking care of my face, other than washing it and taking makeup off each night. During my teens I was more worried about spots on my face than about keeping it moisturized. In my twenties I was so busy with young children, and so tired most of the time, I didn’t bother with skin care. In my thirties, I still looked young and fresh and so never developed a skin-care routine. Now, though, I am treating my skin better.

I have finally come to understand the importance of a beauty or face-care routine. I use gentle cleansers, masks, toners, sunscreen and moisturizer, especially moisturizer, everyday. In my search for the perfect moisturizer, I’ve tried many brands. Some worked well at keeping my face soft, but felt heavy or greasy. Others felt lighter, but quickly soaked in and I was right back to dry skin.

But now that I’ve found this Let’s Face It moisturizer, I’ve found something I never expected to find in one. You see, this brand contains an ingredient that manages to make my skin feel refreshed and soft, even as I apply it. The magic ingredient?

Witch Hazel!

I am in love with this stuff! My face and neck feel soft and silky from the moisturizers and they feel cool and refreshed from the witch hazel. I don’t skip my moisturizing step in my skincare routine anymore, EVER! My fine lines appear smaller and my skin feels younger. I am one happy customer and will be buying more of this great product.

What does your skin care routine look like?

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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