How Do You Organize Your Magazines?


Every avid reader has more reading material than places to store it. Books, magazines, adult coloring books and supplies, they all come into the house in droves. And I’m no exception.


We get clever with stacking our shelves in different configurations.

We pile books one atop another, laying on their sides. We stand them up in rows and put a second row in front of the first, hoping that we don’t forget about the ones in the back row. Or we stack them on any flat surface available, including tables, chairs, nightstands, desks, floors, etc. You get the picture.

And, what’s an avid reader to do with all the magazines coming into the house? Glossy magazines begin to slip and slide before you get too many stacked up. Unless you put them in some type of binder, they don’t stand up very well on a bookshelf (and really, who has space left on a bookshelf for magazines). They begin to slump and distort and look terrible, and become difficult to read with all the creases.

And recently, I’ve begun to collect beautiful adult coloring books. But I have the same issue with storing them as I do with storing my magazines. They slip, slide, slump and distort, or take up so much space if I stack them. Plus they can look messy since they tend to be all different sizes.

So, when I was given the opportunity to review this Blu Monaco #MagazineBasket in brown woven leather, I of course said yes! This is a really pretty and stylish addition to my “office” (really just a small corner of my bedroom right now), which I’ve put to good use. I am using one side of the basket to hold my growing collection of coloring books and the other side to hold my current magazines.

It is a classic brown leather color, so will blend in with nearly any decor style. The cut-out handle is wood and is just the right size to grab and go. I love the portability of it as well. On nice days, I can tote the entire thing outside to enjoy the fresh air and get some coloring or reading in while I’m relaxing.

Totally happy that I bought it.

How do you organize your books, magazines and coloring books? I’d love to know.

basket2 (1) #MagazineBasket

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