Mental Health Reading Challenge 2017

I have been affected by mental illness, with a long family history of depression and addiction. I personally deal with depression, anxiety and ptsd everyday. I feel strongly that everyone should be aware of mental illness. To help to erase the stigma I totally believe that educating yourself about the illness is key. You never know how many around you are dealing with silent illnesses that you have no idea about. With that being said, I am joining the Mental Health Challenge in 2017 and the Mental Illness Advocacy Reading Challenge in 2017 to try to bring more awareness to myself and my readers.

Mental Health Reading Challenge 2017
hosted by Julia @ Findings of a Frenzied Fangirl

MIA Reading Challenge

Mental Illness Advocacy Reading Challenge 2017
hosted by Opinions of a Wolf

The guidelines

The aim of the challenge is to raise awareness for the complexity and difficulty of mental illness, to erase stigma and to promote understanding and support. Reading, for me, is a transformative experience. It takes me out of myself and into the experience of other people. If all of us could bring ourselves to that level of empathy, the world would be a better place.
You can sign up for the challenge by commenting on the sign up post.
Please include your name or username, the number of books you want to read, and a Goodreads profile or blog where you’ll keep track of your progress.


Read 5 books and you get one gold star
6-12 books gets you two stars
13-20 books gets you three stars
21- 30 books = four stars
More than 30 books gets you five stars

I am joining at the two stars level. I already have a list started for this challenge. I will come back and update this list with links to reviews, books I read, and other titles I add throughout the year.

  1. Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk
  2. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky
  3. Girl, Interrupted -Susanna Kaysen
  4. Go Ask Alice -Anonymous
  5. Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng
  6. Furiously Happy – Jenny Lawson

Are you joining or hosting any reading challenges this year? If so, share the information in the comments so we can come take a look and maybe join.

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