Mini Reviews: Baby Doll and Dark Matter

This is the story of Lily who was kidnapped at 16 and held captive for 8 years, and what happens after she finally escapes. I wanted to read this book so bad after reading the description for it. It sounded so intriguing and I wanted so much to love the book as much as I loved the premise the book was written about.

Unfortunately I did not. The character of Lily was held in captivity for 8 years. That’s a long time to be traumatized and no matter how mentally strong a person is, this type of trauma is bound to leave lasting scars.

I just didn’t feel the author handled this part of Lily very well. It just didn’t feel realistic and wrenching enough for me. She seems to escape and fall right back into everyday life, with very little indication of the trauma she lived through.

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Love this author, don’t think I’m smart enough to really grasp this book’s science. I am not a physicist and really don’t understand much about dark matter. The author explains the premise, I just found myself glazing over during this part of it, just like I used to do in science class in school.

I love science fiction though and I would classify this book in the genre. Some science fiction is very scientific and this is one. I’m not a particular fan of this branch of the genre, so wasn’t super excited by it. The storyline and plot are fast-paced and the characters are well-developed, I think this story was just not for me.

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