My Happy Place: A Self-Reflection and Personal Growth Journal #Review

This is a guided journal for girls based on 4 personal growth and happiness techniques. The journal is divided into these 4 broad sections and will help your child write about all areas of their lives.


This section helps your girl focus on what is positive about themselves. This helps to build their self-esteem and allows them to dream big.

School & Hobbies

This section focuses on their achievements in school and hobbies. It has space for them to list what they are most proud of in these areas, set goals and write out what they want to learn or try.

Family & Friends

This area gives them a space to reflect on who loves them. There are also areas where they can write out ways to be a better family member and friends. They are also encouraged to write letters to their loved ones.

Helping the World

This section helps girls to brainstorm ways to help their community. It also allows them space to write about what they love about the earth and how to become a better citizen on this earth.

This journal is a fantastic way to help build a young girls self-esteem. It helps them focus on themselves first, to become their best self. Once that’s done, they can then turn their attention to how they impact their world. It shows them in a very subtle way, how to be confident. It helps them to realize and believe that they can do whatever they put their minds to.

The other day, I had a Grammy-Granddaughter date with my eldest, Alex who is 8. On our way to see a movie, we were in the car with no music or any other distractions. It was the perfect opportunity to catch up with each other and just talk together. At one point, I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up.

She thought about it for a few minutes, then asked me if she could only be one thing when she grows up. Of course, I told her no, that she can be anything she wants to be. And if she wants to be more than one thing, that’s perfectly acceptable.

She said, “Great! I want to be a cook like Granddad, a singer and an artist.”

I love that she has big dreams and is open to any and all possibilities. I want to instill this mindset in all my grandchildren. I believe that this self-reflection journal will help to do just that. But right now, Alex is the only one old enough to get the benefits of a journal like this. So, she will be getting this along with the “My Gratitude and Dream Journal” another award winning diary by the same authors.

If you have a young girl between the ages of 8 – 15, that loves to write in their diaries, this is the perfect gift idea for them. I am sure my granddaughter will truly love this diary.

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