Brow Plow Tweezers Review #BrowPlowTweezers

I bought this pair of tweezers for my husband to use on his eyebrows when they get unruly. He has large, thick fingers and finds using a normal pair of tweezers quite difficult. They are usually so delicate and thin that it is hard for him to get a grip on them, let alone actually use them with any precision.

Brow Plow Tweezers Review

Thankfully, I got these for him. They are specially made with a wider grip to help with this type of issue. I know that they are being marketed specifically for men, but I have found them useful too. I have issues with stiffness in the hands, and tremors on occasion and have found that this larger grip is helpful for me to use at those times.

They are made of stainless steel and are well constructed. They feel sturdy in the hand and are definitely not flimsy in any way. If you have a husband that needs some well groomed eyebrows, these are perfect for him. Or, if you have difficulty handling a normal pair of tweezers, these just might do the trick for you.

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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