My Bullet Journal Must-Haves 2016 #penartlearningset

I am a self-described office supply junkie. I cannot go into any store without taking a stroll down the office supply aisle. And don’t even let me near an actual office supply store! I can spend hours just browsing and dreaming about all the great items I find there.
Bullet Journal Must-Haves 2016

I also love planners and journals and will buy more than one at a time. I currently own 3 planners for the upcoming year, and numerous journals that I use for bullet journaling. And, I’m sure that most readers are also writers, so I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some of my favorite supplies and one that’s on my “I REALLY, REALLY want this” list.


Currently I am using a Conceptum graph notebook in A5 size (about 8.5 X 5). I really like the creamy color of the paper in this one. I don’t get a lot of ghosting with this notebook and it’s held up to my rough handling quite well. It’s been in constant use since September, except for the week I had my hand surgery, and it’s holding up quite well.


Staedtler triplus fineliners  / Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto  / Pilot G-2 0.38  – These three pens are my go-to pens when it comes to journaling and planning. I prefer a really fine thin line and all three of these provide that. Each has their own merits and I probably use them all equally, so can’t choose a favorite.

As far as availability is concerned the staedtler triplus fineliners seem to be available everywhere I have looked locally. They come in tons of colors and the ink flows smoothly at all times.

The Pilot G-2’s are a bit more difficult to find, at least the 0.38 mm nibs. If you don’t mind a bit thicker line, the 0.50 nibs are usually easy to find.

My Coleto holds 5 inks and I have not seen this one in any stores that are in my area. I really like this pen and think the nib draws the finest lines. The drawback to this is that the gel ink seems to run out rather quickly and replacements can become costly.

Pen Loops

– Some of my planners and journals have pen loops, some don’t. I prefer to carry a pen with each notebook and planner I use, so pen loops are a must have item.

I found this set of 6 pen loops and immediately had to get them. I have added one to the front of my current bujo, so that I now have 2 pen loops. It is sticky-backed and is holding up really well. I use it every day and have not had any issues with it coming loose or falling off.

My pens fits snugly in the loop and stays with my bujo at all times. It’s a fantastic bargain and if you are a planner or bujo-er, this really is a great set to stock up on.

Lettering book

This book is on my “I REALLY REALLY want this book” list. I have always loved lettering. When I was in junior high, I received a calligraphy set for Christmas and that began my love of lettering.

Through high school and into adulthood I still loved lettering and used any writing instrument handy to make cool looking letters on paper. One of my favorite ways was to use markers, just plain old school markers.

Brush markers

As an adult, I really love using brush markers to do fancy lettering. I am not exactly good at using this type of marker yet, but I am enjoying the practice I’ve doing since I got this PenArt Learning Set.

The brush tips on these markers are soft and flexible, which means I can get a really thick line from them. The tips is very, very fine, which means I can also get a thin line from them. The trick with using brush markers in hand lettering is all in the amount of pressure you put on the nib.

The ink flows smoothly and the colors look vibrant. If you are at all interested in doing fancy lettering in your planner (and really, who wouldn’t be?), this set is a great beginner set. They aren’t too costly and make the learning process fun.

washi tape

Because, washi tape! No seriously I am more of a minimalist bullet journaler and don’t do a lot of decorating in my planner. But, when I want just a pop of color or a way to make a page stand out a little, so it’s easier to turn to, I like to use washi tape. I prefer the thin washi like this, but trust me, once you start looking around, you’ll find it in any color and pattern you can imagine.

Bag Insert

And of course, you must have a way to carry around all the supplies that you need for your bujo. I really like this bag insert for carrying my supplies. I normally carry a large tote bag  and like that I can just lift this insert in and out of the tote and everything stays neat and organized.

So there you have my list of Bullet Journal must-haves. What are your planning necessities? Share in the comments so we can all see.

I received some of these products at a discount in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the content of my review.
Disclosure: You should assume that I am an affiliate for providers of products and services mentioned on this blog. I may be compensated when you purchase, after clicking on a link, at no additional cost to you. Some of the books and products I have received for free, some I have purchased. All opinions are my own. Thanks in advance for your support. If you have any questions about this read my full disclosure.

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