Premium Cat Scratcher by GoPets #Review

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I adopted a young cat this past summer. He is beautiful and sweet, but is also a kitten. He doesn’t always keep his claws in when he tries to get attention and he uses them ALL THE TIME when he’s climbing and running and jumping.

GoPets Premium Catscratcher

All of these are normal behavior for a kitten, but not one that I necessarily want to let him continue doing. So I got this Premium Cat Scratcher by GoPets to give him an acceptable place to scratch and claw at.

It is made with cardboard on end and is irresistable to Bo. He loves to use it to sharpen his claws and he likes to just lay or sit on the scratcher sometimes.

He also loves boxes, so I made him a little box “cave” and put his scratcher in there, and he loves it even more. It gives him a place to relax and hide so he can stalk the dog when she walks by. LOL!

If you have a kitty that needs an acceptable place to dig in his/her claws, this is a great product.

I received this product at a discount in order to facilitate my review of it. All opinions are 100% my own.

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