Celebrating Thanksgiving 2016

Most Americans have traditions for their Thanksgiving Day, whether it’s gathering together with family and friends, or helping out at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. I too have a tradition that has become more precious to me as time goes by.

I am celebrating Thanksgiving as I do every year. I am spending the day with my children, my step-mom, my 2 brothers and their wives and their children.

I am especially thankful this year because my hubby will be able to join us. He works in the foodservice industry and working on Thanksgiving is mandatory. This year he is scheduled for the early morning shift, so will be off in time for our family dinner. For that I am truly thankful.

Since losing both my parents in the last 7 years, family has become even more precious to me. So I find these holiday gatherings especially important now. I plan to hug each and every one of my family members today and make the most of our time together.

Need some prompts to help you establish your people-centric gratitude list?

How are you celebrating today?

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