Ohuhu Dual Tipped Markers Review #MarkerPens

I love to art journal on occasion. I am an experimenter when it comes to the art journal and love to work with different mediums, including pencils, paints, pens, markers etc. That is why I wanted to try these dual tipped markers out. There is a certain professional artists brand of marker on the market that is similar to these, but have a hefty price tag. Because I am not a serious artist and don’t make any money from my art, I couldn’t justify the expense, even though I really, really wanted to try them out.

Dual Tipped Markers Review


These markers are alcohol based like the professional ones which means you can layer your colors to get a deeper pigment. I much prefer to start out with a less expensive option to see if I’ll even stick to the medium or not. I really enjoyed working with these markers. They have a wide tip and a bullet tip which allows me to get coverage in any thickness I might need, just by manipulating the angle of the tip while using.

The ink flows beautifully and I did not experience any skips or dry markers at all. I decided to use these on a coloring canvas, which has a scratchier, more uneven surface than just plain paper. I was pleasantly surprised that they worked so well on this surface. The colors are vibrant once laid out.

The only issue I had was that the color of the marker caps is not completely indicative of the color of the actual marker. Thankfully they have the color name and number printed on the ends as well. I just made a color swatch so that I could decide the color I wanted to use on the canvas.

I received this product free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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