Product Review: BellaSentials Executive Black Diffuser

I am new to the whole essential oil craze that seems to be sweeping the world. I understand that it is actually a very ancient form of medicine and aromatherapy, but I never paid much attention to it until now. I bought my first diffuser about a month ago, and quickly became enamored with it. So when I was offered the chance to review this BellaSentials Executive Black Diffuser, I of course said yes.

BellaSentials Executive Black Oil Diffuser

I was using it for both my meditation practice and as an aromatherapy aid to fall asleep. But, I don’t meditate and sleep in the same place, so this became frustrating pretty quick. To move it back and forth, back and forth, just wasn’t cutting it for me.

Now I have a diffuser for meditation practice which is much more showy in the lights area (which I like to use as a focus object), and this one that is more subtle and soothing for use at bedtime. I think this little diffuser is very beautiful with it’s shiny black exterior. It blends in well with any decor and looks professional and understated at the same time.

The color changing lights are subtle. They change at the top of the diffuser, where the cool mist comes out and they change along the center band. So, I can even run the lights at bedtime for a little while, without stimulating me so much that I cannot go to sleep.

The diffuser is silent while running and does turn off automatically after an hour, which is very handy for use at bedtime. It has two switches so you can run just the diffuser or just the lights, or both at once. I don’t have to worry about turning it off before falling asleep, because it will shut down on it’s own.

Overall, I am really impressed with this classy little diffuser. It does what it says with no fuss and no bother. Just plug it in, add the water and your desired essential oils and turn it on. My grandkids were very impressed by it, they especially love the changing lights and the smell of the diffused essential oils. I like the sleekness of it’s style and how quiet it is when running.

I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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