GOOQ®Leather Double Wrap Fitbit Alta Replacement Band Review

Gooq Leather Replacement Band

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I ordered this GOOQ leather replacement band for my Fitbit Alta, because I love to have options. I have the original black silicone band that came with it. I have a metal replacement band that I use when I am dressed up more. And I have a replacement band that has a buckle closure for everyday use. Now, I have this one that looks like jewelry, as you wrap the band around the wrist twice.
Gooq Leather Fitbit Alta Replacement Band 
I have to tell you, I do like the way this double wrap band looks. It is a nice quality leather with fine grain, with black stitching. I’ve been wearing this band everyday for the last 2 weeks and it doesn’t even show any wear yet. The buckle closure makes it easy for me to clasp, since I was unable to close the original band that came with my Alta.
The stitching is tight and I haven’t seen any loose threads. The band fits onto the Alta, and is easy to change out as the mood strikes me. 
This is a great replacement band. I’m very happy with this purchase and can’t recommend this brand highly enough. If you have need of one, you should look into this brand.
I received this product at a discounted price. All opinions are my own.

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