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I signed up to write 2 blog posts this year that showed you who is behind this blog. To open up to you, my readers and be real with you. In January, I wrote about new beginnings and now, appropriately in February I will be writing about love. But not love for someone else, not love for God, but love for yourself.

How do you love yourself?

I believe that self-love begins with self-care.

Simple Self-Care

It means that we must slow down our crazy busy lives for just a few minutes every day. Yes, the laundry’s probably piled up. The dishes might not be done. The kids are whining and clinging and need you. They are pulling you in all directions. Your husband needs you. You probably have work obligations too. But, first and foremost you have an obligation to yourself.

Stop. Relax. Breathe.

Ask yourself: How do I feel today?

What can I do today, just for me?

That’s the beginning of loving yourself. Think of yourself for a bit everyday. Maybe you’ll find time to meditate or do yoga. Both of these activities require a level of mindfulness that can help you get to know you and to develop some kindness and gentleness for yourself.

If that’s not your cup of tea, why not write in a journal for 5 minutes? You could read a magazine article or a blog post that is uplifting. You could read your religious book of choice, or just sit and look out the window and breathe.

How about taking a walk in nature? Do some art or a craft of your choice. Have you got young kids? Once you put them down for the night, take a 20 minute soak in the tub, or do your nails or give yourself a facial.

Do something. Do anything that takes you out of your busy life for a while, everyday.  Whatever it is that allows you time to take care of you, that’s self-love.

Make an appointment with yourself everyday to do something just for you.

That’s how you love yourself.

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