Operation Deepen Faith 2017 Reading Challenge

I read the Bible in 100 days back in 2010. That changed my life. After reading the Bible, I accepted Jesus into my life and became a Christian. Sadly, I haven’t read the entire Bible since then. I have read bits and parts and pieces, but not a dedicated complete reading, nor have I even followed a set reading time consistently.

Operation Deepen Faith 2017

2017 Operation Deepen Faith
hosted by Operation Actually Read the Bible

In 2017, I am trying to be more intentional in my reading, and thus have decided to incorporate Bible reading into my plan. Since I am working full-time and also part-time in the evenings, I don’t want to be too ambitious and try to read the entire Bible, so am committing to reading the New Testament again. I have joined this reading challenge to help me stay accountable and intentional about my reading plan.

The guidelines

  • Wonderful Words of Life. Goal: Read the Bible. The goal isn’t to read the Bible following a specific plan or by a certain date. The goal is to read the Bible. For some that might mean reading the Bible once a year. For others it might mean reading the Bible over two or three years. What matters is that you incorporate reading the Bible into your life.
  • Christian Nonfiction. Don’t be afraid to give it a try. Read some theology. You choose the number of books to aim for. A beginner might not feel comfortable committing to more than one book. And that’s fine. I want to challenge you to start somewhere. This challenge is for everyone. Not just for people who want to commit to reading twenty!

I am joining at the both levels, I will be reading the New Testament following the 5x5x plan and 6 Christian non-fiction books. I already have a list started for this challenge. I will come back and update this list with links to reviews, books I read, and other titles I add throughout the year.

  1. New Testament following the 5x5x5 reading plan
  2. Battlefield of the Mind*
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Are you joining or hosting any reading challenges this year? If so, share the information in the comments so we can come take a look and maybe join.

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