GOOQ Fitbit Alta Replacement Charging Stand Review

Gooq Fitbit Alta charging stand

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Ever since I bought my Fitbit Alta, I’ve been looking for an alternative way to charge it. The charger that comes with it is okay, but has no stability and the usb cord is short. This makes it difficult to charge it anywhere but right next to my computer. I am all about having options in my life and that includes where I want to charge my Fitbit. Where I want to charge it is not at my desk, where there is not much room.

Gooq Fitbit Alta Replacement Charger Stand

The company GOOQ reached out to me asking me to try their Fitbit Alta replacement charging stand. I was so excited to hear from them as I’d been looking for an alternative charging stand for my Fitbit. All I could find before were stands for other trackers and smartwatches. That’s all changed now.

It comes with a nice black plastic holder for the Fitbit. The shape is like the holders that watches come packaged with. The charging plugs are right in the holder, exactly where they need to be for charging. It uses a micro usb to usb cable, that plugs into the base. This makes me happy! I have umpteen million chargers that’ll fit. So, I’m not limited to only charging it at my desk.

This is a great alternative to the flimsy, clip like charger that comes with the Fitbit. It’s stylish and looks pretty whether I’m charging my tracker or not.

I received this product at a discounted price. All opinions are my own.

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