Seasons Within by Lele Iturrioz

An Excerpt from Seasons Within by Lele Iturrioz

Walking down the hallway, G kept looking at everyone’s faces. Some were excited, others angry, and others sad. Some played around with their phones, some took pictures of each other, and others texted nonstop.

Everything in her life, with the exception from Bobby and Priyam, made G feel like she was missing something. She saw the rest of the people around her like they all had everything figured out, everyone except her. While they all talked and wish to be skinny, date an outrageous number of people, have lots of money to spend on useless stuff and be prom queen, G wished for something more. She wished for knowledge on who she was, for a family, for incredible adventures and for the type of brave and loyal love she sadly finds only on her books. But no… people around her valued more the size of their jeans than any personality trait. And they call me weird… she thought, Well… they probably call me THAT for other reasons. She acknowledged since unlike them, she could understand things in animals that no one understood, she could feel the plants and the flowers, she could sense when the snow was coming, when the spring was starting, always making her wonder, where she truly belonged. She felt like her life in Truckee, in that school, and everywhere she went wasn’t real, as if she were living inside of one of the video games Priyam loved to play. As if she was waiting for her life to begin. In a constant state of pause.

Halfway down the hallway, G and Priyam noticed there was too much commotion around the students. “What is going on?” asked G to one of the overly excited seniors.
“Hot new teacher,” she giggled.
“Poor woman,” Priyam said while tying her black hair in a ponytail.
“No.” The senior student smiled like a kid in a Christmas toy store. “It’s a male teacher.”
Priyam stopped cold. Those were rare creatures at that school, and like always, she needed information. “What’s his name? What class?”
“Mr. Blau.12th grade chemistry.”
“Yes! We are going to have our own Ezra Fitz!” cheered Priyam.
“Since when do you care about what teacher you have?”
“Since he has the word “hot” attached to the word “teacher,” Priyam explained, even if she thought the answer was obvious. “We should go soon. I don’t want to miss out on a good desk.”

They arrived at the classroom and noticed the whole front row was already taken by girls. “Guess you weren’t the only one with that brilliant idea,” teased G.
Mrs. Smith, a skinny woman with frizzy brown hair entered the classroom and saw all the girls sitting at the front with the exception of G and Priyam. “I assume everyone knows,” she said starring at the giggling girls at the very front, “but for those who don’t, Mrs. Hale left the institution for personal reasons. In her place will be our new teacher, Mr. Blau.”
“What personal reasons?” G asked Priyam finding it strange that someone like Mrs. Hale would leave her class without a single word. “That woman almost had her baby on the classroom over her obligation to the school.”
“Who cares? It’s not like-” Priyam couldn’t finish her sentence. Her complete attention focused on the new teacher walking into the classroom.

Mr. Blau, a tall, toned man in his early-twenties, with light brown hair, a Greek nose and piercing green eyes, walked into the classroom and everyone turned silent. G knew the rumors mentioned the teacher was hot but this was ridiculous. Between the intimidating presence and sharp features, his expression was cold and calculating.
There was a contrast between his youth and age. His face looked young but his manners and clothes him gave an elegant old vibe. His posture was flawless, and so was his body. The fabric of his pants and fitted vest, framed his body, while the rolled up sleeves accentuated his lean, muscular arms. A stylish black leather forearm cuff covered up to a few inches below his left rolled up sleeve. Something about that bracelet made G think of one of the blacksmith’s Priyam loved to flirt with at the yearly Renaissance fair.
Mr. Blau glanced at her classmates and stopped on G. His beauty was breathtaking.

G felt like a powerful magnet was pulling her towards him, but unlike everyone else, it wasn’t his looks that were enchanting her, it was the strange feeling of familiarity and need she had for his approval. She felt like she knew him, and more than that, she felt like he knew her too. The real her, whoever that was.

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