The Can’t-idates by Craig Thomasoff a Book Review

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Instead of getting caught up in the negativity and drama being spewed during this year’s Presidential election, I chose to read about some of the lesser known candidates. I was curious to hear about some of the regular, average men and women who felt they have what it takes to run out country, and were legitimately in the candidacy race. These folks don’t have million dollar budgets to fund their campaigns, so weren’t even on the radar of most Americans.

The Can't-idates by Craig Tomashoff

Craig Tomasoff took the time to interview and get to know 15 of the more than 1500 legal candidates this election year. Somer where serious about effecting change, some were purposely acting out caricatures of what you’d expect to find on the fringes of the candidacy and still others who were serious about their candidacy, but came across as caricatures.

Told with a true desire to find the good, the noble, the honest in these everyday men and women working to make a change in the world by running for President. The author made a conscious effort to NOT satirize these hopeful candidates. What you will find in this book is a cross-cut of the true working class American. You’ll also begin to see how real change is desperately need in our country.

If you are tired of the drama and back-biting that our truly wonderful country has been experiencing during this circus of a Presidential race, this book is for you. If you want to be uplifted and learn about a few of the people that truly wanted to make a change, I suggest you grab this little gem and read it.

About the Book:

The 2016The Can't-idates presidential campaign is one for the history books—and not necessarily in a good way. DONALD TRUMP constantly seems to be saying things that even your drunk uncle wouldn’t utter at Thanksgiving dinner. HILLARY CLINTON has trust issues that rival any email Nigerian prince. This is an election that’s truly one table flip away from becoming a reality show. Luckily, there’s a ray of hope and positivity amidst the madness. Meet The Can’t-idates:
Running For President When Nobody Knows Your Name.
Former People magazine and New York Times journalist CRAIG TOMASHOFF was as unhappy as the rest of the country about our mainstream choices for president. Eager to discover a new voice worth voting for, Tomashoff traveled 10,000 miles across America to meet some of the 1800+ average citizens who’ve filed paperwork to run for the highest office in the land—and to teach his only son
a lesson about big dreams and perseverance before sending him off to college. The Can’t-idates is a moving, extremely personal chronicle of that journey, a trip that renewed a father’s faith in people and politics, while capturing the humor and heart of an America that the press and the politicians have long ignored.

About the Author:

craig thomasoffFirst and foremost, thanks for checking out my biography. I shall attempt to keep this at least slightly shorter than any of the books I’ve written. No guarantees, however.

Second and second most, please bear in mind that we authors can be a bit of a desperate lot so forgive me for my utter eagerness in trying to win you over here. But, c’mon, I gotta sell some books here.

Third and third most, here’s what I’ve done in the past (and present, I suppose). I am a regular blogger for Huffington Post. I served as executive editor of TV Guide for 8 years. I have regularly freelanced for newspapers including the New York and Los Angeles Times. I have also served as a reporter for People Magazine, and written for publications such as the Boston Globe, Rolling Stone, Spin and Emmy Magazine. I’ve also worked on the television side of things, writing and producing on such shows as VH1’s “Behind the Music,” “The Queen Latifah Show” and “Super Secret Movie Rules.” For those who really like to dig deeply into an author’s past, I also handwrite a series of books about a superhero team of my own creation — The Foogaloon Foursome — when I was in the fourth grade. Copies of this are available simply by asking my mom.

Last and last most, here’s the important thing you should know. I love stories. I love finding out everything behind everything. Even more, I love TELLING stories to let everyone else know everything behind everything. So please…join me…buy my books so I can live to write another day!

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